Kent Beard Brush MC 4

Brand: Kent

Rs. 3,499.00

Kent MC4, Hand-finished Hairbrush is another fine product from the line of of quality products made in England. Compact enough to fit easily into a travel bag, this hairbrush is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably into the palm of the hand during use. It is made of pure beech wood, and filled with fine pure white bristles that give the brush its sophisticated look and feel. The final result is a true piece of Kents' craftmanship that men value for its unique quality and function. The oval shaped brush maintains the quality for which Kent products are known. Made with only the finest materials, and with a touch of love in the hand-finished beech wood, the brush is a showcase of finesse. The bristles of the Kent MC4, Hand-finished Hairbrush are natural, half inch in length, and have just the right level of stiffness that makes them suitable for short medium hair types.

G B Kent & Sons Ltd, have been in the business of manufacturing hairbrushes in Britain since the 18th century. They have developed a name and reputation of designing excellent brushes that users love for their functionality and true quality.

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