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Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium

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The Singh Styled Titanium Beard Setter(SSTBS) is an evolutionary product that has taken six years to develop. Our research and development team has formulated SSTBS for Sikh Gentlemen who love to set their beards tightly without worrying about beard breakage earlier caused due to the usage of harmful industrial gum-based hair fixers and respiratory disorders causing hair sprays due to aerosol.

Why we worked six years to formulate SSTBS?

Made by Sikhs, For Sikhs

Singh Styled is built on the mission to help every Sikh Gentleman to maintain their Guru-gifted identity, especially the Turban and Beard. So while we made and started walking on the path, the team behind Singh Styled were consumers of the same hair fixers that never mentioned ingredients on their bottles as these are cheap industrial gums which are harmful to the beard and skin, and hair sprays which never say "This spray carries aerosol that is injurious to health if applied around the nose." 

Based on our experience, we created a formulation team that has worked on building products, especially for the Sikh Beard, the focused product being the Beard Setter. It has taken six years and three evolutions to bring this product to your table finally.


Benefits of using SSTBS:

  • Comfort
  1. Quick Drying:The average time to set the beard with the SSTBS is seven minutes. Usage of a compression agent like thaata and a hair dryer helps.
  2. Titanium Hold:Our choice of domestic and international ingredients and formulation has helped us deliver beard tightness far superior to hair fixers and sprays while being free from industrial gums used in hair fixers.
  3. Sweat Resistance: Our SSTBS formulation can absorb up to 10% of the sweat while keeping the beard set all day.
  • Health:SSTBS is both skin and beard/kesh friendly. While the SSTBS provides a titanium beard tightness, the SSTBS gets easily washed using lukewarm water and Singh Styled's Beard and Hair Shampoo.
  • Social:Now, don't worry about wearing black for meetings and social events, as the SSTBS is free from industrial gums that cause flaking on drying.
  • Transparent: All our products and ingredients are FDA-approved and mentioned on every product label. Our customers need to know what they consume for their health, skin and kesh.  
  • Why Titanium?

    Titanium (Ti) is a metal with a silver-grey colour and a low density. It is known for its strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. It has a high melting point and is resistant to wear and tear, making it useful in various applications.

    Reading the benefits, it is clear that SSTBS is similar to the metal Titanium and is here to serve the Sikh Gentlemen and the community.

    How to apply the Titanium?

    1. Make sure your beard is clean and dry.
    2. Pour around 2 to 4 ml (nearly ten rupee coin) of the Titanium Beard Setter into your palm or a pallet.
    3. Two ways to apply
      1. Either
        1. Rub your hands together to distribute the SSTBS evenly.
        2. Apply the SSTBS to your beard, starting from the roots and working your way out.
      2. Or
        1. Dip the Singh Styled Beard Brush into the SSTBS on your palm/pallet, then brush your beard. 
    4. With the help of the brush, start applying the SSTBS to your beard.
    5. Make sure the SSTBS is applied evenly with the help of the Beard Brush across the beard.
    6. Beardsmen with long and medium beards can tie and tuck the beard with a rubber band and pin.
    7. To dry the beard, one can use a hair dryer. For optimum beard firmness, one can use a compression agent like the traditional thaata before using the hair dryer.

    Food and Drugs (FDA) Approved Ingredients?


    Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium
    Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium
    Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium
    Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium
    Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium
    Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium
    Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium
    Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium
    Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium
    Singh Styled Beard Setter Titanium
    Charanjeev Singh

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,

    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    Welcome to Singh Styled, the world's first grooming and styling platform for today's Sikh Gentlemen.

    The birth of Singh Styled is to help every Sikh Gentleman to maintain his Guru Gifted identity, the Turban & Beard, by providing quality turbans that are breathable and have a longer crown life while offering beard care products that care for the beard during styling and setting.

    Our mission for 2025 is to reach every child born into a Sikh family and help them enjoy the pride of the identity our Gurus have blessed us with.

    Dastaare-E-Shaan | 100 ml | Turban Mist | Singh Styled
    Dastaare-E-Shaan | 100 ml | Turban Mist | Singh Styled
    Dastaare-E-Shaan | 100 ml | Turban Mist | Singh Styled
    Dastaare-E-Shaan | 100 ml | Turban Mist | Singh Styled

    Dastaare-E-Shaan | 100 ml | Turban Mist | Singh Styled

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    The dastaar is the Sikh Crown gifted by the gurus to Singh and Kaurs. Each day when we tie the dastaar, we make-a-promise to the Gurus to follow the path of hard work, equality, truth, and seva. We honour the dastaar by taking a lot of care and love for the fabric. However, washing the dastaar with detergents and hard/treated water impacts the lifespan of both the colour and the fabric. Furthermore, the sweat that accumulates within the dastaar during the day has salt and bacteria that act on the fabric.


    Understanding these issues, Singh Styled has launched dastaare-e—shaan, non-toxic formula with antibacterial properties. It helps to eliminate bad odour and bacteria caused due to sweat while adding freshness and softness to the Turban fabric. 


    You can spray the liquid while doing the poni or on a tied turban during a hot summer's day. The key ingredients nourish the fibres-of-the-fabric, making the turban soft and long-lasting.

    Ingredients List :


    Water, Glycerin, DMDM Hydantoin (and) Methylchloroisothiazolinone/Methylisothiazolinone, Disodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Perfume



    • Spray Dastaar-EShaan 6 inches away from the turban fabric for freshness and long-lasting results
    • Safe for all fabrics



    • Fragrance booster 

    • Zero harsh chemicals or toxins

    • Aids fabric preservation 

    • Cruelty-free


    First International Store!
    Singh Styled Singapore

    We at Singh Styled are delighted to announce that Singh Styled has embarked on its international journey. Team Singh Styled has setup its operations and store in the 'Lion City', Singapore, to serve the Sikh diaspora in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia.

    Beard Care
    A Theory About The Beard

    'Beardsmen' - That is how one address gentlemen with great beards. The Sikh Gentlemen has been a part of the elite Beardsmen club, thanks to the Guru gifted identity. For Beardsmen their beards are a mark of honor and an important part of their individual identity.