Beard Setter Ultra Hold | Pack of 3

Brand: Singh Styled

Rs. 799.00

The Ultra Beard Hold is a revolutionary beard setter from the house of Singh Styled. This strong hold beard gel has been specially formulated for Singhs and Beardsmen who love a firm hold for their beard and mustache.

The textures and thickness of hair and beard are different and no one knows this better than the Singh Styled team, who have been crafting beard care products for sikhs and beardsmen across the globe. This particular beard gel has been designed based on feedback from men who wear their beards with pride and love styling it with a firm hold.

The hold of this Ultra Beard Hold beard setter lasts for up to 18 hours and provides a far greater hold compared to any other hair or beard styling product in the market, including other gels and waxes.

We at Singh Styled take pride in our beards because they are part of our culture, which is why the beard setter is free from industrial gums, resins and alcohol. Therefore, the Ultra Beard Hold gives your beard the desired strong hold without being harsh on the beard and its follicles.

The Benefit

  • no white flakes
  • significant reduction in beard breakage
  • easily washable
  • Step 1: Pat dry your beard to remove all excess water. The drier the beard, the better the results.
  • Step 2: Scoop out a reasonable amount of the beard setter using your index finger; the amount of usage will depend on the length of the beard. In a 2-3 trials, you should know the desired amount.
  • Step 3: Apply the Beard Setter directly on to your beard. Spread the gel evenly, just like spreading butter on a bread.
  • Step 4:Use a Beard Brush or a Beard Comb/Kanga to style your beard. You can leave your beard open or tie it using a rubber-band or beard string.
  • Step 5: Allow the beard setter to settle in and dry for a couple of minutes, so that it can work up its magic! Any additional cooling will help to dry the beard setter and make the beard firm.
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