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The Ultra Beard Hold is a revolutionary beard setter from the house of Singh Styled. This strong hold beard gel has been specially formulated for Singhs and Beardsmen who love a firm hold for their beard and mustache.

The textures and thickness of hair and beard are different and no one knows this better than the Singh Styled team, who have been crafting beard care products for sikhs and beardsmen across the globe. This particular beard gel has been designed based on feedback from men who wear their beards with pride and love styling it with a firm hold.

The hold of this Ultra Beard Hold beard setter lasts for up to 18 hours and provides a far greater hold compared to any other hair or beard styling product in the market, including other gels and waxes. Learn more

The Beard & Hair Wash is one of the finest beard washes the Singh Styled team has launched. Specially created for Singhs & Beardsmen, the dual purpose wash, gently cleanses the beard & hair from the dirt, sweat, waxes, glue/gels or any other styling product, without harming the strands or scalps. The conditioning ingredients help to keep the strands, soft, which results in reduction of beard & hair breakage.

For Singhs, we recommend applying the beard wash daily, preferably end of day. And for our non-sikh brothers we suggest twice or thrice a week, but you can use it daily if you are in environments where your beard gets dirty regularly.

A great advantage of Singh Styled Beard & Hair wash is that its is designed to match the fragrance line of beard setter and beard oil. You'll save to buy these as a package, rather than individually and know you'll love them. Learn more

The Singh Styled Beard Oil is made for Singhs & Beardsmen who take pride in maintaining their beard. The Beard oil is made of the finest natural ingredients like bhramhi, castrol oil, jojoba, and argan that provide the nourishment during the growth phase, as well as help to repair the coarse beard and beard follicles which are damaged due to the application of fixers to set the beard.

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