Beard My Pride

Singh Styled is designed specifically to cater to the needs of today's Sikh Gentlemen. Our brand aims to provide high-quality grooming products that are not only effective but also stylish and convenient to use.

We believe Sikhi should be celebrated everyday while getting ready each day. Our products are carefully crafted using premium ingredients and the latest technology to deliver superior results. Whether you are looking for beard fixers, beard conditioning oils and shampoos, and hair care products, our brand has got you covered.

At Singh Styled, we are dedicated to empowering Singhs to look and feel their best every day. Our products are easy to use and come in sleek, modern packaging that looks great in any bathroom. With our products, you can achieve the grooming results you desire without having to spend hours in front of the mirror.

We invite you to experience the quality and convenience of our brand for yourself. Whether you are a seasoned grooming enthusiast or just starting to build your routine, we are confident that you will love our products.

Keep the Crown Fresh All Day
The dastaar is the Sikh Crown gifted by the gurus to Singh and Kaurs. Each day when we tie the dastaar, we make-a-promise to the Gurus to follow the path of hard work, equality, truth, and seva. We honour the dastaar by taking a lot of care and love for the fabric. However, washing the dastaar with detergents and hard/treated water impacts the lifespan of both the colour and the fabric. Furthermore, the sweat that accumulates within the dastaar during the day has salt and bacteria that act on the fabric.

Understanding these issues, Singh Styled has launched dastaare-e—shaan, non-toxic formula with antibacterial properties. It helps to eliminate bad odour and bacteria caused due to sweat while adding freshness and softness to the Turban fabric.
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