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Your Hair/Beard Spray is Injurious to health.

Jul 08, 2018Charanjeev Singh


"Is Singh Styled planning to launch a Beard Spray?", asked a curious Gagandeep, who has been a Singh Styled customer since December 2015. "What is a beard spray?", I asked. "According to my limited knowledge there are hair sprays, and hair sprays are like cigarettes which are injurious to health."

Sprays are used for hair sprays, deodorants, perfumes, paints, etc. Most of the sprays have aerosol, which is a propellant gas, that helps to release the liquid. However, an aerosol is harmful if inhaled directly. If you read the content on your bottle, it clearly states "For External Use only". Which means, one cannot inhale the spray/gas released by the spray. Keeping this fact in mind, no cosmetic company will ever recommend you to use their product to style the beard. Because they know the side effects which include Breathlessness (most common), Sinus, Choking, Skin irritation due to alcohol content, and Lung cancer. This is the biggest reason why none of the cosmetic companies has launched a Beard Spray, because a beard spray is harmful, and FDA will never approve the product.

For Styled Styled the health of our customers is of utmost importance, followed by developing a product that helps to do away with hazardous hair fixers and sprays. Based on facts and logic, Singh Styled developed a Beard Setter in a gel form, and not a spray.

I hope you agree with the facts and our decision. You can still consult your doctor to verify the points.

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