"Every Singh & Kaur's unique identity makes them stand out in a crowd. The crisply tied turban, a well-maintained beard and the sheer charisma represent the visible core of this identity. Sometimes, there is always a conflict between maintaining the identity and curating a personal style. Singh Styled are aiming to bridge the gap." - Charanjeev Singh, Founder of Singh Styled

Singh Styled Box

Since launching in October 2015, Singh Styled has established itself as the world’s first Sikh fashion brand that offers curated style and grooming solutions for today’s Sikh gentlemen, without comprising their identity.

Leading the initiative of grooming and styling one Sikh at a time, Singh Styled has been innovating products and services that enable one to customise the wardrobe around their personal style.

Being an upcoming global fashion brand, Singh Styled ships to 130 countries, with express deliveries to Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Middle-East and Far-East.

Singh Styled is a movement, to make every Singh an icon.