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Ambuj Gera

Oct 06, 2016Charanjeev Singh
Its been 10 months since i found Singhstyled. For the past couple of years, i had always been wanting to grow a full beard, a beard which could sculpt my face and people would recognise me from my beard.

I failed.

I tried a zillion times but nothing seemed to be right. But in the end of december 2015, i made a resolution to finally stick to not shaving my beard and letting it grow no matter what. People told me that i wouldn't look good, that it would not suit my face. But i was determined. I let my beard grow without trimming it for a couple of months.

After 2 months, i realised i was going in the right direction and i needed the right tools for my beard to be healthy and look better than ever.

It was the time when i found trust me, it has been the best thing that happened to my beard. At First, i was not sure about what product to use, given the options that we have in the market. But i dont know why, i went with's beard wash and beard oil combo. I ordered the Hair brush as well. It took only a couple of days and i was personally in contact with Charanjeev Singh, the man behind

The amount of dedication and quality of the products that singhstyled has put in their products, its remarkable.

I wish Charanjeev and the best of everything.

My last order was third in line from and now, i dont have to think twice before ordering from

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