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May 13, 2016Charanjeev Singh

Many religious scholars be it in our very own Sikhism or Hinduism have defined the very era we live in today as The KalYug, the idea of kalyuga found it’s traces as early as being mentioned in the Bhagwat Gita.What Kalyuga actually is, an epoch which is referred to as the time where all unholy activities find it’s origin, this epoch indeed has had a mass impact on our very own Sikh faith.

If you were to visit Punjab which is  a Sikh majority state in the 1980’s or the time before that you would hardly find clean shaven or Mona Sikh’s whereas if you were to go in for a ride to the state today it would completely be the opposite you would hardly find anyone who has kept their hair or is rather a gursikh.

The only people left with full kesh are in fact the old generation but it is even them who are fine today with their own grandchildren or children opting for haircuts .

 I hail from an all GurSikh family in Dehradun where we give Sikhi the utmost importance and I personally believe for a Sikh it is his turban and beard and that appearance which shapes him as an individual and makes him stand out .It was just one of these days when I was reading an article on the common hate crimes against Sikhs in the United States that on the other hand I saw an article based on the very founder of the brand Charanjeev Singh and I must say was very fascinated and  proud at the very first instance to see many of my father's grooming products online being displayed at a global platform. Things which I though only a minority of us Sikhs knew were now largely displayed. Ever since then I have been a regular customer of Singh Styled and often order various turbans while the elders  of the family not only order turbans but also products for grooming their beards.

I would really like to commend the founder and the team for being one of the most humble people I have ever communicated with. In times as such, we need brands like Singh Styled to come up and to mold much of our faith back into our very own youth. Singh Styled has come up in a time when the community really needs startups like these, in the United States where a sizeable amount of Sikhs reside is facing major issues pertaining to Hate Crimes where Sikhs from all age groups are victims. What has become a concern with the coming of these events that children be it abroad or India are shunning Sikhi with the fear that they might get targeted like others living outside and Sikhi is by and large dying amongst the youth. It would be hard for me to come across a Sikh family today where none of the members are not GurSikhs . It is now that the community needs to stay strong, join hands and spread Sikhi so people increase their awareness of the faith and Singh Styled majorly aids us in this way .

May Bababji always grant you fortune in all your endeavors and initiatives and I’m sure the way the brand is growing, sky is the limit.

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