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How to Apply the new Ultra Hold Beard Setter

Apr 19, 2018Charanjeev Singh

This is a short tutorial video where the founder, Charanjeev Singh, shares how he sets his beard using the New Ultra Hold Beard Setter.

Step1: Blow dry your wet beard. Use a hot blow dry as the heat helps to straighten the beard. Along with blow drying beard keep brushing the beard.

Step 2: Scoop out the Beard Setter and apply it directly on to your beard. Make sure the whole beard is properly gelled. The quantity to be applied varies from beard to beard/Singh to Singh. Give it a couple of days to figure the amount.

Step 3: Now use a beard brush to set the beard.

Step 4: Tie the beard tail with a rubber band. Make sure the beard tail is a bit loose as it will allow you to tuck the tail with ease. Before you tuck the beard tail make sure the beard/gel is dried. One can stand in front of the air-conditioner or use a Cool Blow, an option your blow dryer might have. It usually takes 5-7 minutes for the beard to dry.

Step 5: Once your beard is dry, tuck the beard tail and use a pin to keep the tail intact. Step 6: You may have stubborn beard hair that needs a bit of touchup, usually found below the chin or on the side of the cheeks. Use a bit of the Beard Setter and apply it directly on to the stubborn hair.


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Comments (3)

  • I have been using this last 5 months the product is too good and there is no white marks once get dry i so highly recommend those people who still using simco gel n all i would appreciate to Singh styled team.
    And try to make little bit more strong hold because why i am telling you i am doing field job so in mumbai the whether is too hot so unfortunately when my face get wet so beard hold become loose . so please try

    Jasvinder Rain
  • You did not use a that ha ? Why ? Would that not help setting it better ? And main question the normal hair fixers last the whole day in office . Does this ? How is it impacted by humidity of may to Sept when fixos just bleed away or in say , mumbai in that humidity ?

    Sukhjit Singh Makkar
  • I have been using beard setter from the last 2months and I can say it’s the best way for Sikhs to get their beard set.
    Within 5min you would get beard dry and set with no white marks like we get from different gels we use.
    I will highly recommend it.

    Harvinder Singh

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