• How to Apply The Beard Setter

    The Beard Setter is a revolutionary beard fixer from the house of Singh Styled, which offers the freedom from heavy gumming agents that clog the beard pores, and the white flakes caused on drying of these agents.
    Step 1: Pat dry your beard and remove all excess water. The drier the beard, the better the results.
    Step 2: Scoop out a reasonable amount of the Beard Setter using your index finger. The amount of usage will depend on the length of the beard. In a few trials you will know the exact amount.
    Step 3: Apply the Beard Setter directly on to your beard. Spread the gel evenly, just like spreading butter on a bread.
    Step 4: Use a Beard Brush or a Beard Comb/Kanga to style your beard, and then tie the beard using a rubberband/beard string.
    Step 5: Allow the Beard Setter to dry by standing under a fan for about a couple of minutes or in-front of an AC/Cooler. The cooling will help to dry the gel, and make the beard firm.
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