• Faith & Fashion

    The thing about faith and fashion, apart from, obviously, the alphabet “f” is they both constitute a powerful part of what becomes our identity. But fashion is considered very fluid. Faith, probably not so much. It’s easier to, let’s say, consider wearing a cravat instead of a bow tie one day than to accept a radically contrarian idea that is very different from what your faith may profess.
    And yet, from this very rigid aspect of identity comes the very fluid idea of fashion. It’s what makes us want to thread a turban with sequins for some, Batman prints for another and just plain tie-dye for others. It’s why Burqinis exist, why textures and fabrics are experimented with, why layering is tried. What a time to be alive!
    Singh Styled and its brand grows from understanding that faith is a powerful cornerstone of the identity of Singhs and Kaurs, vital enough to know where it comes from and celebratory enough to see fashions grow and evolve. We are experimental, we love people who care about carrying their faith gently, stylishly.
    We live in an era where people are apologetic about their identities, their value systems. A lot of times, this comes from trying to be apologetic about other people who view their ideas as being fixed, unchanging and supreme. At some point, though, you have to stop carrying that cross. You have to say that your brand of faith does not need to depend on somebody else’s version of what is right.
    Other times, being apologetic may also come from not truly knowing the history of who you are and the story of your community. Why is the turban worn, why do we carry the Kirpan? At Singh Styled, we believe this can be remedied in two simple says: Google and grandparents! Culture begins with stories and what better way to reacquaint with yours than to talk to the members of your family! Our effort as a brand is to trace these stories and make them our own, a canvas of the collective consciousness of the SInghs draped with a touch of your own whimsy. Everything else is just appropriation.
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